About Us

Clean Rivers Cooperative, Inc. is a member-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to professional spill response and the prevention of maritime petroleum spills.  Clean Rivers is committed to:

*Establishing and maintaining the industry standard for spill prevention and spill response in the Pacific Northwest;

*Preventing oil or other chemical spills in Northwest waterways through regular training with, and education of our membership;


*Protecting the water resources and the communities of the Pacific Northwest through timely and effective response to maritime spills, and;


*Coordinating the Northwest’s spill response resources in order to provide high quality services at minimal costs to our members.


Founded in 1971 as a non-profit oil spill response organization, Clean Rivers Cooperative, Inc. was created to provide mutual aid to companies with a vested interest in maintaining an efficient and rapid response to marine spills.  Clean Rivers has become the region’s foremost marine spill solution, with over 3 million dollars of equipment dedicated to the Cooperative’s members and their operations in Oregon and Washington.  Training opportunities and additional equipment continue to increase.


In addition to spill response and regular training and education, Clean Rivers is committed to active involvement with the community.  Especially important to our members’ needs are the strong relationships Clean Rivers has developed with state and federal agencies over the past 30 years.