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NRC Environmental Services
6211 N Ensign Street
Portland, OR 97217
800-337-7455  24-Hour ER

503-283-1150  Main
503-289-6568  Fax




Seattle:  206-607-3000

Spokane:  509-536-5960

Pasco:  509-545-6110



Alameda:  510-749-1390

Long Beach:  562-432-1304

San Diego:  619-235-3320

Marine Services

·   Marine Oil Spill Response and Decontamination

·   Near-Shore, Harbor and River Spill Response

·   Clean-up Activity Management

·   Preventative Booming

·   Vessel Scrapping and Removal

·   As an approved contractor in Oregon, Washington and California, NRCES holds the highest USCG
classification as an MMPD/W1-3 OSRO for meeting Federal Oil Pollution Act of 1990 requirements in
the Inland and Rivers/Canal settings.


Remedial Operations  

·   Soil Excavation and Treatment

·   Facility Closure and Demolition

·   Stabilization and Solidification

·   Shoreline Cleaning and Restoration

·   Stormwater Management


Industrial Cleaning  

·   Facility Tank Cleaning

·   Facility Decontamination

·   Vacuum Truck Pumping

·   Bilge, Engine and Tank Cleaning

·   Waste and Oily Water Removal

·   Hydro-blasting and Pressure Washing

·  Drop Box Service


Waste Management

·   Material Sampling

·   Waste Characterization

·   Disposal Facility Identification

·   Recycling and Reuse

·   Consolidation and Packaging

·   Transportation and Disposal


Emergency Response

·   Hazardous Material Spills

·   Planning and Training

·   Container Cargo Leaks

·   Trauma Scene Incidents

·   Oil Spills on Land and Water